We are Professionals in Project Management, Field Execution, Cost Control, Strategic Planning, Risk Analysis, and Contract Administration

Waylon Whitehead Director

Waylon has 25 years of experience on major oil, gas, and chemical projects with more than 15 years on Megaprojects. His focus has been on providing data to support critical decisions.
He is the driving force behind iCRA, which is a quantitative assessment process for establishing contingency or predicting claim values for disputes or insurance claims in the industrial sector.
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Allan Campbell Construction Manager

Allan Campbell is an extraordinary and experienced leader in Construction Management with more than 30 years of experience. Allan can lead the Construction effort directly or effectively monitor the EPC contractor's Construction effort as a member of the owner's team. For sCurve, Allan works as the Construction Manager or as the Field Contracts & Project Controls teams.
Allan has very significant LNG experience. He worked on both EPC and owner teams on Darwin LNG, then moved into a full-time staff position with ConocoPhillips. Allan worked for nearly 5 years on Brass LNG, 4 of that "boots on the ground" in Nigeria, working with local communities to lay the groundwork for a successful project. Allan moved on to the QatarGas LNG work briefly, then was the first member of the advance site team to move to Australia for Australia Pacific LNG. Allan led COP activities in many pre-FID activities there, as there were programs like dredging underway partially funded by COP before FID on the project. After laying the successful groundwork for work in Australia, Allan shifted his focus to the module fabrication yard on Batam Island, Indonesia. There, he had to refurbish an out-of-date fabrication yard and stand up a contractor to perform to scale to execute the project's module fabrication work. S.M.O.E. executed the work as a subcontractor to Bechtel. Allan and his team performed admirably, with safety performance that was the best of any project location, cost growth of less than 2%, and only a 1-2 month slip on two major modules caused by late material deliveries to the yard. This performance was better in every respect compared to the Bechtel performance in other areas of the project. Allan excelled at building productive relationships with the Contractor, allowing access to official and unofficial information invaluable to the owner's team. His direct construction experience will allow him to focus on the actual project challenges, even under a lump sum environment where honest data can be hard to come by. This allowed the team to focus on real issues and limit distraction. Allan is a true leader and gets the most out of the teams that work with him. Click here For More Deatil
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Lew Keim Director of Project Controls

Lewis Keim brings >25 years of Project Controls experience all over the world to sCurve to serve our clients. Lewis has worked on Onshore, Offshore (Fixed and Floating), Oil & Gas Production (including Pipelines), and Specialty Chemical projects.
He was worked on mostly the owner side of project delivery, but more than 40% of his career has been from the EPC perspective. Lew has also worked all phases of projects including: Business Development & Proposals, Pre-FEED, FEED, EPC, Execution, Hook Up, Commissioning, Turnover, Operations, and Maintenance. Lew is a true master at developing tools and processes which make the most efficient use of data using his expertise in projects combined with a laser like understanding of computer based systems and tools. He has developed bespoke tools linking Primavera and Operations and Maintenance SAP data for XOM in Nigeria, and then hired and trained local staff to use them. He was responsible for the full lifecycle of projects – from the drawing board through to production and revenue. He has successfully automated processes which had had not been standardized prior, saving countless staff hours and eliminating costly and confusing data entry errors. Lew helps sCurve deliver a continuous improvement philosophy to our clients, never accepting the status quo and constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of project controls information while at the same time lowering the cost that is required to deliver it. Lewis’ extraordinary versatility on software and computer systems combined with his knowledge of projects and project controls uniquely positions him to add value that can be exponentially multiplied due to its application across business processes and systems. This combined with the BD and operations experiences allows Lew to truly leverage his knowledge and ability to the benefit of sCurve’s customers.
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Reza Moradi Director – Cost Control & Business Systems

Reza brings 20+ years of relentless, positive, continuous improvement to the project execution he participates in - especially as it concerns the use of properly designed systems to manage and analyze “big data” to contribute to project success.
His experience in Project Controls is broad and international, having worked on oil & gas megaprojects around the globe both in the field and the home office. His early career included software development for Omega specifically for large Project Management, where his work earned him unparallel insight into the value of off-shelf systems and also the importance of being able to make those tools fit-for-purpose by customizing programs for cost control, risk management, change management, and project information management. At Omega, he designed and programmed custom database solutions serving some of the largest LNG developments in the world, working for several years across the various QatarGas projects. Reza is sCurve’s resident expert for Business Systems and database solutions and strategies, and his ability with handling large amounts of data with incredible efficiency make us uniquely competitive doing forensic analysis on large projects with mass amounts of data. While working with Whitehead on APLNG, the project purchased Skyre as a cost control system, but was not able to successfully implement that system. Reza developed a cost control data base for the project from scratch (MS Access based) which in addition to handling all our cost forecasting and reporting, also interfaced with SAP for payments and handled look ahead cash calls – and we had it developed in two months and operational in the 3rd month. Reza has extensive practical experience in all PC functions: cost management, planning/scheduling, risk management, and estimating. That experience is coupled with formal post-graduate studies in Project Management which has helped him work hand-in-hand with groups such as Project Engineering, Contracting, Procurement, Commercial, and Financial Reporting & Auditing. He has a well-rounded knowledge of project management and an outstanding feel for interfacing the information all groups need in the most efficient way possible. Reza continues to leverage those skills on assignments ranging from early FEL work all the way through to assignments in Operating businesses, giving him unique insight into how the use of data morphs as large projects mature into operating assets. He is adept with applications such as Excel, P6, Crystal Ball, SAP, PIMS, Skire, Spotfire, Power BI, SQL Databases, JD Edwards and Oracle and has an intuitive understanding of how to optimize how those systems are used to enhance the success of the projects and businesses that use them.
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Alex Shevchenko Director of Cost Control

Alex Shevchenko knows how crucial the strong cost control function is for project execution and delivery. With over 20 years in international oil and gas industry most of them on megaprojects, Alex has experience in structuring cost reporting, process development and optimization, data integration and system implementation.
Alex Shevchenko knows how crucial the strong cost control function is for project execution and delivery. With over 20 years in international oil and gas industry most of them on megaprojects, Alex has experience in structuring cost reporting, process development and optimization, data integration and system implementation.
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Erick Jaimes Associate Director - Business Management

Erick Jaimes is a highly experienced Business Management Professional with a proven track record in international project development. Extensive experience providing leadership and management to operated and non-operated assets developing strategic initiatives,
conducting financial analysis, forecast, leading internal and external audits delivering excellent decision-making alternatives and strategic planning to maximize resources and efficiency. Proficient in the analysis of all the regulatory, financial, ethical, commercial, technical, and safety aspects of projects and investments. Proficient at diverse business applications of asset management, data collection, benchmark analysis, operations and compliance assurance, delivering high value solutions to major oil and gas companies. Strong problem-solving abilities in a wide range of areas ensuring proper multi-disciplinary alignment, coordination and facilitation of goal setting and project delivery, transparency, predictability and reporting standards. Proficient in contract, cost, change and risk/opportunity management, Implementation of global capital management governance & business architectural solutions at a corporate and project level, PMO - Business intelligence, project analysis, corporate support, alignment, optimization and contingency development. Besides his professional experience, Erick holds an MBA in business management, is fluent in Spanish and English and speaks some Portuguese. Erick also possess hands on experience with all project management tools for planning, cost control, risk analysis, reports, etc,
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Jesse Carolin-Unkovich Project Management Consultant

Jesse is a capable Project Professional with experience delivering projects across a range of industries in both Australia and internationally. He brings a proactive and diligent approach to
Project Management / Contract Administration to ensure that Project Objectives are met. His experience ranges from Studies through to Execution and Commissioning.
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Ahmad Zanudin Lead Consultant

Zanudin is a project management practitioner with 10 years Electrical Engineering experience and further 20 years in oil & gas, petrochemical and mining projects. Over the years, he has various
hands-on planning & controls roles in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Vietnam, the UK and Australia.
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Mike Johnson Asscoiate Director – Project Controls

Mike Johnson is an experienced Project Controls professional with ~15 year of experience. Mike has served in roles both in the field and the home office, and on both chemical and LNG mega-projects. Mike is very adept in SAP,
cost, and schedule systems including P6. He is experienced with day-to-day risk management activities, how that work is translated into Quantitative Risk Models, and delivers outstanding value on any project he is assigned to. Mike most recently worked on Next Decade as a Project Controls Specialist, with responsibility for maintaining the project master schedule and coordinating all schedule data and meetings. Prior to that Mike worked as a Project Controls Analyst coordinating approximately 30 small projects for EASi, LLC, a utility provider in Ohio where he handled all aspects of project controls and reporting for a significant portfolio of projects. Mike also split time between the home office and the field as a Schedule & Risk Analyst on the APLNG project in Queensland Australia. Mike’s diverse background and expertise in various databases and systems gives him unique advantages in performing his duties efficiently and precisely. Having been born in Mexico City, Mike also speaks fluent Spanish. Click here For More Detail
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Andrew von Zepplin Planning Manager & Risk Professional

Andy brings more than 28 years of hands-on Construction Experience and 17 years of filed project planning, schedule, and forensic analysis to bear for sCurve. He has an excellent feel for the focus of senior leadership on critical milestones and key activities that enable stakeholder communication and help to align key decisions.
At the same time, he has the skills to dig into the EPC’s detailed project schedules to check for mechanical integrity and logical completeness and correctness. The ability to analyze the EPC schedules is key to doing timely TIA and EoT analysis, which can limit the risk of being in a “schedule at large” or allowing the EPC a license for acceleration. Timely recognition of the elements of delay can insulate both parties from risk of claims and help keep the project on track by keeping schedule current and accurate. Andy has the skills and knowledge to help us do that. Starting his a career in the trades as a boilermaker and later as a coded welder, Andy has a hands-on experience that gives him true insight into the work performed on site during Construction. He can clearly see the real problems and establish relationships that allow him to bring the real story back into the Owner team narrative describing progress. Andy has lead project planning teams on APLNG and across a wide range of large industrial (both upstream and downstream projects), as well as infrastructure projects. He has a keen understanding of using planning contributions to assist in the negotiation of claims and is a strong value add in avoiding costly arbitration and litigation. He is an excellent leader of his planning teams knows how to organize responsibilities and data flows to maximize efficiency and reduce staffing requirements.
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Huub DuivenvoordeProject Manager

Huub Duivenvoorde has 30 years of Project Management experience with a focus on Estimating and Project Controls. Huub has held senior positions on both the EPC and owner sides. He is intimately familiar with estimating tools like K-Base and is exceptionally efficient in reviewing or creating estimates. Whitehead and Huub worked together at ConocoPhillips on several Mega-Projects.
Huub works with sCurve, reviewing contractor’s estimates and in formulating budgetary estimates before EPC involvement. His experience as a Project Controls Manager enables him to be extraordinarily adept at loading the Estimate into the Project Cost system (whatever it may be) as the “control budget”. Huub’s true, differentiating skill is his ability to associate the scope of the project to the Estimate Basis and then to the Estimate. This skill leaves him exceptionally positioned to assess change orders, both their magnitude and their scope. Huub is an integral part of the sCurve team, which can look through or past the common biases that often plague budgets, anchoring them on flawed assumptions.
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