LNG Schedule Analysis

sCurve Solutions is a Truly Unique Provider in LNG Schedule Benchmarking

sCurve and its employees and partners have participated in multiple LNG projects which have allowed the team to acquire knowledge and experience at a detailed level of 9 LNG Projects. These are projects which were actually built, not projects that proceeded only through the estimate phase. As-built data captured at an unparalleled level of detail together with our experience provides the most value for LNG schedule benchmarking and decision making.

For Brass LNG and Qatargas LNG, good schedule knowledge associated with APCI LNG process executions was acquired. On Mozambique LNG, Whitehead led a benchmarking exercise capturing key, actual data from a number of projects that different team members had data from. Currently, sCurve is performing a detailed analysis of the Inpex Schedule. Whitehead was also directly involved in the execution of Qatargas LNG, Australia Pacific LNG, and performed studies and analysis on a number of other LNG projects in execution.

While none of this information can be explicitly shared and attributed to a specific project, it does provide sCurve a unique body of knowledge that can be used to help evaluate other LNG projects to check key durations at a more granular level than is possible with traditional benchmarking services. This leads to better, more efficient decisions.

Competitive LNG Schedule Analysis Houston


LNG Schedule Analysis Houston

Performing Integrated Cost / Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis requires access to the Project Execution Plans, the cost estimate, the schedule, and the Project team’s view of risk. The sCurve methodology requires that individual interviews are conducted to substantiate the model, the risks, and the risk inputs. These individual interviews also provide a backbone of knowledge on LNG projects that few other companies in the marketplace have. We believe that the interviews, where anonymity is guaranteed, encourage a degree of candor that is not achieved in group workshops and again differentiates the quality of information at sCurve’s disposal.

This allows us to compare your project to others where it makes sense to do so, but more importantly, it allows us to assess the differences between your project and other projects, helping you describe to your partners and the lenders why you are unique and why, with more accurate predictions on final cost and schedule, your project is more likely to meet its economic forecasts than others.

Accuracy of Quantitative Risk Analysis Forecasts


LNG Schedule Benchmarking

The funds requested at FID on the last two QRA’s performed by sCurve personnel at the outset of projects which were completed compared very favorably to the real outcomes of the project. On APLNG, and verifiable by publicly available data, the project finished within 1.5% of its original FID request without supplement. The estimate and the contingency assessment were extraordinarily accurate in an environment where that performance is exceptionally difficult. The team responsible for that effort won awards recognizing how accurate the estimate and assessment of both cost and time contingency were.

QRA Work, Reports, and Presentations

The process we employee, the data we have at our disposal, and our team are the reasons that we are able to get those results, and we can achieve similar results for your project. Our team has performed a significant number of estimates and QRA’s on LNG projects, but just as importantly, we have spent a significant amount of time in the field constructing and commissioning these facilities.

Our service includes performing the analysis, having key reviews with your management team at specific hold points during the work, developing databases and fit-for-purpose tools to capture the right data, finalizing the analysis and preparing reports, then summarizing the data into reports internal executives, and customizing reports to share with partners and lenders to assist you in the funding process and periodic stakeholder reviews.

Competitive LNG Marketplace & LNG Schedule Benchmarking Houston


LNG Schedule Benchmarking Houston

In an environment with low LNG prices, where buyers are looking for shorter contracts and lenders are questioning the long-term value of the projects, it’s increasingly important that organizations are as thorough, transparent, and accurate as they can be. The days where costs can be understated, and where analysis can be over-simplified are gone. Investors and Lenders want to understand that organizations have made realistic assessments and that their plans with respect to the execution, cost, and schedule are achievable given the risk profile and execution and challenging operating environments these projects face.

Using a process and a team that has generated analysis of unprecedented accuracy, and with the experience of putting together funding packages and executing projects, sCurve Solutions can help you build the trust and confidence with your Partners and Lenders that you need to execute your projects smoothly and successfully.

Please get in touch with sCurve in our Houston offices so we can explain how our knowledge and expertise in LNG projects can make a difference for you.