Decision Analysis Services

Decision analysis uses data to make the right decision based on real facts rather than intuition.  It can used to help you develop successful risk management strategies, make the right capital investments, and enhance the success of your business decisions.

Risk, capital investment, and strategic business are areas where decision analysis has the biggest impact.  Our decision analysis services involve a systematic analysis of the relevant market and business data to aid result-oriented decision making.  We make decision analysis theory for mangers to outline some of the most fruitful decisions according to the specific condition along with decision-supporting data.

sCurve develops strategies which depend on the quantitative measurement of the opportunities and risks, and that are not reliant on intuition or unsubstantiated views.  But, we also understand that personal judgement must be accounted for within the decision process.  We formalize and capture the model elements which are dependent on judgement as the key element, so that it can be isolated and discussed openly. 

We can also help make your future decisions better by modeling the success of past decisions.  sCurve can help you improve your decisions over time by formalizing the process and capturing key data.  Over time, a greater understanding of uncertainty, risk, and opportunity comes into view.  Depending on many factors within in organization, a neutral, 3rd party view of key decisions can be a valuable addition to the information your company has to make logical and unbiased decisions.

sCurve employees the decision-making strategies and models which were developed and taught at Stanford University and that have been used prolifically by organizations such as the Rand Corporation.  In complex analysis and decision making, the formality of a good process and the understanding to implement are important elements to the success or failure of the process.  sCurve brings that formal training and understanding of how to structure these models to the table for your company.  We believe strongly that key business decisions should leverage all information and where possible, should rely on formal data and processes rather than intuition.

Analysis of decision making is not a talent, it is a learned skill employing a formal process to analyze the likely outcomes of decisions on the profitability of potential investments or operational decisions.  It is part of the suite or risk management skills (risk management) that sCurve can leverage for the benefit of your company or your projects.

For a better understanding of what formal decision analysis can do for your organization, please give sCurve a call in our Houston, Texas offices or send us an email.  We would be happy to have a conversation to further the understanding of the formal DA processes (decision-making) that we employee.