Strategic Alliances

John Lewis

With over 20 years experience with leading contracting companies in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, John has expertise in planning, project controls, claim management and dispute resolution in the oil & gas, power and infra-structure sectors.
Whitehead and Lewis first worked together on APLNG, a +$20 BUSD LNG development in Queensland, Australia – but they have continued their professional relationship extending to many other customers in other industries. sCurve partners with iResolve on quantitative analysis for iResolve’s claim portfolio through Australia and has access to John’s and iResolve’s, distinct software tool set, and commercial expertise for work which sCurve executes for customers outside Australia.

David Hullet

Dr. Hulett did his undergrad work at Princeton, his PhD at Stanford, taught 2 years at Harvard and worked for the Federal Reserve Board of Govenors. He worked as the Chief Economist for Tosco (a shale oil company) and is a thought leader in Quantitative Risk Analysis having published two books and innumerable articles on the subject.
Dr. Hulett has more than 25 years of practical experience performing quantitative risk analyses for a variety of industries and maintains a regular preference in academic communities and industry peer groups where he is a foundational, influencing voice advocating for integrated cost-schedule risk analysis for projects. sCurve works in partnership with Dr. Hulett on quantitative risk analyses on a regular basis.
Waylon Whitehead, founder of sCurve, and Dr. Hulett have published two papers together which were presented at AACE International annual conferences and they co-authored Recommended Practice 57R-09 (Intergrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation of a CPM Scheudle) for AACE. Hulett and Whitehead share methodology and advice, and have worked together explicitly on Quantitative Risk Analyses for ConocoPhillips, Petronas, Anadarko, and Inpex.