Strategy Management Services Houston


Accomplishing organizational goals requires time, consistency, and planning. sCurve’s Strategy Management is designed to help businesses and projects meet their targets and improve their performance. Our professionals help you evaluate the current strategies of your company, and review the internal structure of your business to help you ensure that it is best aligned for success.

Strategy Management Consultancy Helps Claim Communication Protocols


strategy management consultancy

We understand the unpredictable nature of interacting with multiple stakeholders to manage claims within large corporate organizations or on complex projects. This is why our claim strategic management and processes always consider organization structure and internal communication protocols. Strategic management consultancy helps move your company towards increases in efficiency, profit, and improvements on the delivery timeline.

Strategic Management Consultancy to Deal with ELT, Board Papers, and iCRA

We work with our customers to provide ELT and Board instructions papers that unmistakably set out the status of the claims. sCurve’s Risk Management Claim Risk Analysis (iCRA) sets forth these ranges, and our reports express our objective opinions which are underpinned by distributions that show the full range of outcomes and an understanding of what drives them. Strategy management consultancy provides cost-effective solutions that are adaptable to the scale of your business. Our commercial expertise enables our Clients to decide the appropriate strategy for a given resolution process, customized to the size and complexity of the claim.  Our independent and bespoke short-form processes offer resolution at a fraction of the cost normally incurred in arbitration or litigation.

Strategic Planning as A Part of Strategy Management Services


strategy management services

Within our quantitative models, we account for your business procedures and their managerial implementation.  We prioritize your progress and our strategic management efforts and are designed to create, communicate, and assist in executing the best strategic decisions for your business or project. sCurve’s approach to Strategic Planning is systematic in nature and is driven by objective, formalized techniques that help capture all the data which is needed to contribute to a sound, strategic decision.  Cost, schedule, risks, contract, the claim position are all researched and characterized with input from your team.  We use this information formally, and blend it all into a process that isolates subjective data so that its impacts are clear.  We then hone in, conducting scenario and sensitivity analysis so that the most impactful information is identified and understood.  Our iCRA process is a key tool for us that helps blend this information into an objective analysis that helps your business make the best strategic decisions possible.

Framing The Quantitative Work as A Process

sCurve helps you identify opportunities or challenges, both one-off or repetitive within your execution and operating environment so that you can better decide how to use your resources and capabilities.  After some initial and thorough research and analysis, we work with you to frame our quantitative work, tailored to the strategic options you want to examine, and then help you use that to decide what is best for your business. iCRA helps to narrow and core up your team’s understanding of the claim.  We use the contract, the claim, schedule and cost data, risk, and your team’s knowledge of all related issues to form a range of probabilistic outcomes.  Our models can be used to:

  1. Formally understand that full range of possible outcomes
  2. Decide whether or not to seek formal resolution or a negotiated outcome
  3. Determine acceptable walk-away positions
  4. Identify win-win settlement positions
  5. Maintain the health of long-term, strategic organizational relationships
  6. Completely optimize financial outcomes

After a decision has been made, sCurve solutions can help develop the tactical plans to execute the strategy, and we can make sure you have the right resources to do so.  Please get in touch with us in our Houston, Texas offices to explore the possibilities.