The most important strategy models and strategy tools at a glance

Strategy development is a core task when it comes to handling and aligning the management of any organization. How do you develop a strategy? Developing a strategy means finding the best way from the “current situation” to realizing a company’s strategic goals. This article explains which aspects have to be considered when developing a strategy.

How do you develop a strategy?

If you want to develop a strategy for your company or organization, you need a few standard ingredients:

  1. The view of the market
  2. A look at the company’s environment – this includes, among other things:
  1. An informed look at your current and potential customers
  2. Defined goals
  3. An analysis of the existing company with all its strengths and weaknesses
  4. Measures to implement.

Different Approach

For more efficiency, strategy management consultancy is recommended by professionals. Different approaches are required depending on the initial situation and objective where these consultants are mastered and deal with it on a daily basis. The smaller and the more “practiced” the organization, the “shorter and crisper” strategy processes can be. 

We, therefore, have very different strategy formats on offer, such as:

  1. Thorough strategy processes with a detailed analysis phase, participation of all management levels, and creation of a detailed target tree
  2. Strategy formats for large groups in which we formulate strategic cornerstones in one day – with the participation of the most important stakeholders
  3. Individual strategy workshops on different occasions
  4. Our proven strategy training courses, which you can use to control and implement strategy processes yourself


In the following, we will give you an overview of some very well-proven models for strategy development and at the same time give you tips on the concrete implementation of strategies. And if you would like to know more precisely how to develop a strategy in a company, we will give you a very specific tip and corresponding links at the end.


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Analysis of the environment

The STEP analysis is suitable for diagnosing the environment of an organization. This model helps to analyze the environment of an organization for trends that could have a lasting impact on the core business of an organization. The STEP analysis includes the mentioned-below dimensions into consideration:

Social influences
  1. Education and Income Distribution
  2. Values ​​and lifestyles
Technological influences
  1. Research trends
  2. New products and processes
  3. Product lifecycles
  4. Government research spending
Economics (economic influences)
  1. Economic growth
  2. Inflation
  3. Exchange rates
  4. unemployment
  5. Business cycles
Political influence
  1. Compliance requirements
  2. Funding programs
  3. Trade barriers
  4. Stability of a country, security aspects

In its entirety, this model of strategy development considers both external and internal perspectives and resources. The challenge here is to include both sides equally. This perspective is also known as a holistic strategy.